Call now on 07956289891 Created by JGB Designs. Telephone Line Fault Finding & Repair It is your service providers responsibility to maintain your phone line wiring up to your master socket. From the telephone  master socket in is your responsibility to maintain. I can diagnose any faults on your home Phone Line Service and Repair or  replace any of your Sockets and wiring. Broadband If you are having problems with your broadband Line or Fault, like. Line keeps dropping out or slow connection speeds, then  it may well be your internal wiring at fault. I can repair this or re-arrange your wiring to increase your speeds. Some simple things you can do:   Check your home phone is not at Fault; try a different phone in the Phone socket. Check also your Extension Sockets in the  same way. Once you have tried this and are still experiencing problems then this could indicate that you may have damage to your Home Telephone Wiring or Phone Socket or a Telephone Line Fault. After you have done your basic Phone Line tests,  Then test your Phone Service by clicking one of the links on the right, These will Test your Telephone Line free of charge,  Contact your service provider. Then If they tell you your Telephone Line Fault or Broadband Connection Problem is at your  property, then call